Eckhard Radmacher

Eckhard Radmacher, who took his first piano lessons when he was seven years old, was going on eleven when he experienced a concert with Oscar Peterson.
From this moment on he lived for jazz, transcribing by ear innumerable Peterson solos from recordings, playing them, and began his own attempts at improvising and composing.
At the age of 17, he formed his own jazz trio that gradually became known through numerous concerts and radio broadcasts.

Studies in classical literature dominated in his years at the Academy of Music in Cologne, where he majored in piano and song interpretation and graduated with honors and a concert degree in performing.

Radmacher’s artistic career has also been greatly influenced by the friendship and collaboration with the polish pianist, Kristian Zimmerman, whose concerts and fruitful conversations about music continue to inspire him as a pianist and composer.
Radmacher has given concerts in many European countries as well as Russia and South Korea. He also made a very successful appearance at the music festival in Schleswig-Holstein, where he not only performed pieces from classical repertoire but his own compositions as well.

Next to performing, Radmacher is dedicating himself more and more to composition, in which he has found a very personal style which uniquely combines classical music with jazz.