Eckhard Radmacher and Wilhelm Geschwind in a different sort of interview in which they say nothing and at the same time reveal everything.

Mr. Radmacher, Mr. Geschwind, you combine classical music and jazz in one program. Because of this, the range of musical expression is as immense as is the tension between the two worlds. Isn’t this a bit taxing for your listeners?

Speaking of listeners, how important is the communication with your audience? Can you plan it?

You have to love the excitement and the danger of the unpredictable moment, don’t you?

How about the communication between the two of you?
Is humor an important factor while making music together?

When Eckhard Radmacher goes on the offensive while improvising, doesn’t that make you a bit uneasy, Mr. Geschwind?

Are you sure about that?
Don’t you ever get a little rattled?

How important is trust?

Is it about a feeling of freedom, of creating in the here and now? At the same time your jazz pieces have obvious roots in the European classical tradition, don’t they? What role does groove and exuberance- so typical of jazz- play for you?

You are both interpreters and composers at the same time. Isn’t this combination becoming rare nowadays?

One last question: After a concert you wish to leave your audience with a feeling of joy and a bit more energized. Do you succeed?

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