Jazz and classical music - incompatible?

Not at all. The desire for manifoldness, for freedom of improvisation as well as for the form and deepness of the classical music induced Eckhard Radmacher and Wilhelm Geschwind to bring together both genres in one program.

Whether Beethoven, Schumann or Chopin – Radmacher shows that he is familiar with the masters of the past when he plays classical works during his solo performance. From there he segues with his own compositions inspired equally by Jazz and classical music to the duo performance.

The Jazz compositions by Radmacher and Geschwind finally convey that on one hand the influence of classical music on them is too strong to allow them to hand over control entirely, but on the other hand they are Jazz musicians to the core which means that they would not sacrifice their ideas to an extremely austere form.

Within artful musical dialogues between piano and bass both find a new self-confidence which laps round the cornerstones “’Classical Music” and “Jazz” in a humorous and experimental way and thus reveals them as deliberate boundaries.

It is possible to discover a lot of components in these compositions: lyrics of Schumann, swing explosions, parts reminiscent of ballads of Chopin, fragments of improvisations similar to those of Peterson or enthusiasm remembering Beethoven.

However, the whole thing is much more than the sum of its parts, it is not a patchwork but a deliberate recreation out of the variety of forms of the tradition of music history.

So it is not least their commitment to the sound which both musicians have in common. Radmacher first exploits in a delicate way the wide range of colours of the piano. Then Geschwind performs with virtuosity on his Piccolo Double Bass that was specially designed for him, employing a percussive technique of tapping and knocking.

Radmacher & Geschwind: Whoever experiences their performances will come face to face with an upfront delight in making music, which both of them are capable of conveying to the listeners in an authentical way.

Maybe this is the reason why these compositions are so touching, intensive, unique and authentic – and you simply feel good after one of their concerts.